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21 Day Complete Reboot

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Reboot the way to track your 21 Day programs - meal items and containers, exercises, and water. 21 Day Complete has been the NUMBER ONE instrument in helping you accomplish your weight loss and fitness goals for years. We rebooted this past year with a new look and style. Now it's your turn! Fix it! Track it! Reboot it!
The 21 Day Complete Reboot comes with a base and an extreme 21 Day schedule; a robust meal planner style tracking system to fix your meal habits, and a report manager so you can generate measurement and weight reports (PDF). See your progress and SAVE IT!
Container Tracking: Control your meals!21 Day Complete Reboot is NOT your typical click to subtract 1/2-portions. 21 Day Complete Reboot gives you the tools of a meal planner to focus on individual meal items and their portions you eat.
✔ All calculations are done for you! Total (T) and Remaining (R) portions at a glance.✔ Customize the meal names - Breakfast, Shake, Lunch...✔ 0.25 portion tracking✔ Edit container portions anytime!
✔ Customize and use TWO meal plans throughout your 21 days. *See app store photos. ✔ Create a competition countdown or bootcamp meal plan in seconds - 2 days on 1 day extreme meal plan.
What did I eat?✔ Daily meals report - view/export all 6 meals at a glance into a 1 or 2 page PDF reports.
My Meals! ✔ Create custom meal items that you can quickly add to meal planner - cuts down on the repeat typing.
Food List✔ Includes the updated spice it up food list and vegan food list. Viva!✔ No more carrying your book around!
Daily Weight Tracking✔ View your progress with each entry.✔ Weight Report can be generated & saved!
Weight Progress Chart✔ As you move thru the 21 days you will see your progress★ Save and Share the chart!✔ View your weight in lb or kg on main screen (Settings)
Daily Notes✔ Track your thoughts along the way.
Measurements✔ Track how your body changes!✔ Before / After measurement tracking AND PHOTOS!!!! ✔ Focus Viewer - flip between before and after pictures!★ Focus Viewer allows you to combine before / after photos - Add, Combine, Share!✔ Measurement Reports show the change between each body part as well as total (inches or centimeters)
Water Tracker✔ We don't always drink using an 8 oz cup so why track that way?✔ Chose from various size water bottles (in Settings).✔ Ounces / Milliliters✔ Edit water quantity anytime.
Grocery/Shopping List✔ Gotta shop! We made it easier!✔ Plan your trip to the grocery store! Create a list of foods you will need from the approved food lists.✔ Add your own, sort, share/email - Honey Get List!
Reminders✔ Stay Active and Hydrated!✔ Set reminders throughout the day to drink water and get up and move.★ Reminders sent to your smartwatch!
Exercises ✔ Add custom exercises to each workout.✔ Custom exercises do not get wiped away with new cycles!✔ Add multiple workouts per day!✔ Add a note to each workout!✔ Create custom 21 day workouts with your own exercises!✔ Build your own 21 day extreme program!
Reports - Why track it if you can't view it?✔ Measurement Reports (before and after comparison)✔ Weight Report (all 21 days in one PDF)★ PDF reports for devices Android 4.4+★ ★ Share reports to email available for all devices!
It takes your body about 21 days to make or break a habit (depending on the habit). Sometime you need to go through a few cycles to fix your meal habits. Reboot also contains a cycle manager. A cycle manager? What's that Tone? A cycle manager gives you the ability, at the end of your 21 days, to track another 21 days. NO MORE LOSING YOUR INFORMATION to do another round!
GuidanceA Guidance/FAQs section covering the basics. Please feel free to email us for additional help. Thank you - Tony
Permissions- Storage permission needed for report/photo generation and save.
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